Unplanned and Half Meant…

Josie (3rd from the left) with some of the Young Graduates in GenSan.

After graduating from college and passing the board exam, I decided to become a GT Volunteer for a year as a way of expressing my gratitude to God for all He has done to me. Yes, I did it. During that span of time, I was just amazed how God worked in my life. It was a joy for me to be used for his glory. What I really like the most was the opportunity to minister to the students and my fellow young graduates. Journeying with them was something worthwhile.

After that, I worked to pursue my profession and to financially help my parents. I praise and thank God for it did not take me too long to find a job. I was employed in a poultry company and assigned as Production Admin Assistant Officer. At first, I was very happy and excited that I could finally experience what it is like to work in a corporate world. I was grateful to have a very nice workplace. My workload was light and my weekend was free. I promised to utilize my weekends to continue meeting the students as a GT Volunteer. Sadly, that didn’t work. Not long, I decided to resign because I was no longer happy with my job. I tried to love it and again it didn’t work.

Eventually I became so stressed and tired. I became unproductive and my spiritual life was also affected. So, I quit. My initial plan after my resignation is to have a long break, maybe a month, before jumping into another employment. I thought for myself that I needed some time to think and pray. However, things did not go the way I planned it. The very next day after my last day of work, I received a call from Kuya Darby. To my surprise, he was asking me if I’m willing to be the region’s next Staff Representative. Without any hesitation I said yes while laughing. He thought I was kidding, but I was serious that time. I laughed because I  remembered the last conversation I have with Efren Rubino (the outgoing Staff Representative) during his last visit. He said that he was about to leave his post. I thought it was a just coincidence because that time I just submitted my resignation letter. Then I told him maybe I could take over. It was a half meant statement. I know it would be impossible since the region would prefer to have a male Staff Representative due to many possible risks and gender-based limitations. A backpacker life for 15 days every month around the region? The leadership dared to give it a try.

Difficult it may seem but not impossible. It was a quick decision I made and I have not thought it well. I have not even thought if it is really God’s will. But I don’t want to back out. I am determined to accept this task because once again I wanted to serve the Lord through this Ministry. Thankfully, my parents are very supportive with my decision so I don’t have any worries at all.

I scanned through the pages of my old journal and I remembered what I really wanted to do. I want  to serve the Lord and do the things I am passionate and that is to journey with His people and minister to them. For me, this opportunity is an answer to my prayers. Being a Staff Representative never crossed my mind; it was out of my plan. But I believe that this is not an accident but part of God’s plan. I am  looking forward to how He will use me again through this ministry.

People may doubt my capabilities but I know that greater is the One who is in me. I pray that God will give me a humble heart of service and He will use me to serve the people around me with love and selflessness.

By: Ms. Josie M. Artos, the new and the first female Regional Staff Representative


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